The charge cable which is stand close to mobile with a magnet

If there is an charge cable available in both of iPhone and Android, it is convenient. Furthermore, it is more convenient if it is changed in one-touch. This iina-inobe magnet cable is just such a charge cable. When we attach magnet-type small adapters to charging inlets of mobile, the cable just sticks to them by the power of the magnet and begins charge immediately. The cable is reversible structure without front and back, and have Lightning type and Micro-USB type. In addition, this is available for not only the charge but also data transfer. This is the project that started on December 28, 2015 in crowdfunding platform Makuake, and raised aim amount of money 300,000 yen in only two days. Afterwards, it raised 3 million yen in ten days. You can reserve this in 34%OFF of the general sales price until January 29.

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