The 72-years-old retirement old man makes LINE stickers and makes money than his active career

I wrote about the elderly person drawing cool pictures by Excel before.

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Now, the 72-year-old retirement old man who designed LINE stickers using Excel becomes the topic in Japan. The LINE ticker sets which he drew by Excel are 27 kinds and each of them is original.

Seiji Tazawa of the designer worked as a construction manager of the electric equipment construction. He at the age of 52 years old, he had to learn how to use PC because his workplace introduced PCs. However, his workplace had none of people who knew a lot about PCs, and he learned how to use of Windows 95 by self-education. He found that he could draw illustrations by Excel and it was convenient on this occasion. He opened own web site "Tazawa Enterprise" and showed the illustrations which ne drew by Excel. He has begun to make LINE stickers by the advice from his grandchild. He has not used smartphone and LINE till then, but he manages them and communicates with a grandchild in LINE now.

His individual LINE stickers became the topic among Japanese Twitter users. As a result, his LINE stickers made a big hit, and he got income 5 times as large as the his active career. His most confidence stickers are about the safety management of the construction area. These are designed based on his career.

This article has his photos
via http://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1601/08/news073.html

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