This sanitizes a smartphones by UV

Because smartphones are gadgets to use every day, it is easy to become the hotbeds of various germs and necessary to be careful about hygiene. This Dr. capsule sanitizes various germs adhering to smartphones by power of the UV in only five minutes.
The how to use is easy. We cover smartphones with Dr.capsule, and a UV lamp irradiates smartphones and starts sanitization when we push the power button. A lamp turns off and informs sanitization completion when it passes five minutes. "UV-C" Irradiated from the UV lamp of Dr.capsule has a high sanitization effect in ultraviolet rays. As a result of examination using four kinds of germs liquid, this sanitized 99.9% of various germs. Furthermore, we can use it for the big smartphones such as Plus for iPhone 6s because its size is 85mm *165mm *10mm, but its weight is only about 163g.
Now, this is sold for 4,298 yen(in tax), and the color variations are red and black.

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