Cool Second Life machinima "The story that disappeared on the earth."

I want to introduce cool Second Life machinima "The story that disappeared on the earth.".  This work was shot in second life by   movie director Akira Yamamoto. Famous Second life musician Chouchou dealt with BGM.

And, This work won the highest award in a visual art section of competition "Society for art & science competition vol.8" of the movie works.

In commemoration of this, the premium screening event and talk show were held in Second Life from 23:00 of Wednesday, May 5. Users arrived two hours before the event start and became full at the time of the event start on that day. In addition, this screening event was streamed in Ustream and more than 200 people saw it .

Because the event video is uploaded in YouTube, please check it!!

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Simon さんのコメント...

It's great video, graphics and style very special. I like the "HUD" effect from robot point of view. Thanks for share

Chiho Komoriya さんのコメント...

You're welcome! And thank you for comment!
They want to release this work abroad and look for various movies festival.