Apps that adds visual effects to music

Do you want to edit videos of your own DJ play or dance easily and coolly? If so, Roland's iOS application Beat Sync Maker may be perfect.

This is an application that automatically adds impressive visual effects according to the video's beats on music shot by smartphones and makes it easy to make video in which video and music are linked like the music videos.

Usage is simple. You just select the effect you want to use while playing the video you want to edit in the application. There are 5 kinds of effects, and with the function "2-Video Mix" that can switch between two videos according to the beat, you can combine with 18 types of video that the app has in advance, or other video you have. Downloading the application is free, but in the free version you can only make video up to 30 seconds long. However, if you upgrade with in-app charge of 360 yen, the length of the video will be unlimited.
In addition, if you have Roland's audio mixer "GO: MIXER PRO" or "GO: MIXER" and you are connecting them to your smartphone, you can unlimited the length of the video without charge at Beat Sync Maker.


IoT lure with sensor

"I want to fish a lot more fish!" It is a common wish of people who interested in fishing. This IoT lure may make it happen. Smart Lure, the startup that provides information service for anglers has developed IoT lure "Smart lure α" and conducting field demonstration experiments outdoors now.

This is a prototype which made the shape and weight almost the same as the commercial lure, but it can measure acceleration, temperature, illuminance, etc. by built-in sensor in the test in natural lake and experimental tank. And, it cite the results of data conversion of detailed movement of lure which could not be confirmed without special equipment such as high speed camera in the past.
General purpose parts that can procure and manufacture at low cost are used for the sensor modules mounted on them. Using them, they developed the sensors themselves. They are preparing to release this in 2019 and are already consulting with several lure makers.
In addition, they raised 40 million yen in seed rounds in September in order to further accelerate development.