The Japanese completely enjoys a territorial problem by using smartphone application

I wrote "Let's enjoy a territorial problem by Android application!" the day before yesterday. Furthermore, the Japanese plays about a territorial problem using iOS application "Eyeland".

Eyeland is geolocation-communication application. Users make own avatar, chat and share the comment & photos based on geolocation. Therefore a certain user went to Liancourt Rocks in the map.

Netizens amused by it struck virtual Liancourt Rocks in sequence.

They did the playful chat about the celebrity of Japanese and Korean.

"Everybody, let's get along!"

I think the Japanese to be superior in a skill to playful by a serious problem.

via http://vippers.jp/archives/6570151.html


Let's enjoy a territorial problem by Android application!

Now, Japan becomes serious for a territorial problem with Korea. However, a certain developer developed the cute game application for Android on the topic of this "Takeshima scramble(竹島争奪戦)".

This is the game that a Korean rabbit and a Japanese rabbit swim towards Liancourt Rocks.

The developer says, "Stop the Takeshima scramble. The direction where Japan get along with South Korea can become fortunate rather than we possess Takeshima. If each other wants to fight, we fight by this game."

In addition, the developer says like this, "Takeshima is something like moon for me. In other words, it is an existence which is almost unrelated to a life practical. A neighbor quarrels for a territory of the moon. The latest Takeshima territorial problem is in sight of me at such a comedy." In addition, it has been thought that a rabbit lived in the moon in the East Asia from ancient times. For it, a character of this game is "rabbits".

Of course this application has a pro and con. However, I support the thought of the developer. It is stupid to quarrel with a neighbor and to concentrate on nationalism. If there is such time, it is more fun to play a game :)


[R18] The porn saves the earth

A disgusting hypocritical charity TV program is broadcasted every summer in Japan. Suck drama, suck documentary(It is forged :D), suck idols etc... In getting tired, they are broadcasted consecutively for 24 hours.
I think that this project is cool than this.


Paradise TV,  the Japanese pornography channel  carried out a splendid charity project "The porn saves the earth". When participants contribute 1,000 yen(about 12.6USD) or more, they can rub the boob of 8 popular porn stars. In other words it is 125 yen per person. Of course they can participate again and again.

10 porn stars cooperated with this cool project. And they collected donations of 4,200,000 yen in 2 days. This is contributed all to Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention.

via http://www.paradisetv.info/24/oppai.html


Let's enjoy a handsome hot spring with iPhone

"Personification" is the Japanese proud skill. The Japanese personifies every thing. The Japanese personifies every thing and give them character.

Gigno System Japan released the iOS application that personified a hot spring to a handsome man.

This is the application that personified Misasa Onsen in Tottori, Japan.

Originally they released the drama CDs which personified Japanese famous hot springs.

あなたがお風呂で のぼせるCD ~温泉擬人化コレクション~ 第1弾「草津編」
あなたがお風呂で のぼせるCD ~温泉擬人化コレクション~ 第1弾「草津編」

あなたがお風呂で のぼせるCD ~温泉擬人化コレクション~ 第2弾「登別編」
あなたがお風呂で のぼせるCD ~温泉擬人化コレクション~ 第2弾「登別編」
Official site[J]

This iOS application evolved from these drama CDs more. This has a full voice function, and a popular voice actor is in charge of a voice. The user can communicate in characters , manage the schedule and use the alarm function. When a user communicates with him a lot and makes friends, his lines and expression change.

However, unfortunately we cannot use this application while entering the hot spring. Because iPhone is broken.


Let's walk San Francisco with a character of Evangelion

On August 25 and 26th, "J POP Summit Festival 2012" is held in San Francisco. Japanese startup KAYAC released interesting sightseeing application for iOS "EvaNavi SF" to it.

This is the application that character Mari of Japanese Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion guides San Francisco by a voice.

When you start application and walk in the San Francisco, application detects a location infomation with GPS. And Mari guides about spots in English. Spots enrolled in application are about 60 places. J-POP culture institution "NEW PEOPLE", hotel "Hotel Tomo" which designed Japanese Anime, "Cartoon Art Museum", sushi restaurant "Blowfish Sushi to Die For" are included in them.


Social game anime of GREE

Crossmedia of the social game is already common in Japan. Various goods about the social game are sold in Japan, and comics are published, and an anime cartoon is broadcasted.

Of course GREE is eager in them. GREE broadcasts an anime of their social game "Tanken Driland" now.


We can download Tanken Driland in US App Store. It is a card social game of the Japanese style.


The outline of the anime is a thing along the games, but more detailed settings are included. Surprisingly the episodes are uploaded free in Youtube. Of course they are official. This is very rare in Japan. Unfortunately it is only a Japanese sound, but you may enjoy an atmosphere.

Tanken Driland official Youtube Channel


The Peace Learning Archive in OKINAWA

Japan's Okinawa is the place where an intense ground war was carried out in Pacific War. And there are people killed in action of a large quantity of numerical private citizen. However, it is not known very much. Therefore Okinawa showed digital archive using Google Earth "The Peace Learning Archive in OKINAWA".


This is the archive which mapped data of the Okinawa ground war on Google Earth.

Many icons are displayed on Okinawa. The icons of the face of people show an interview video.

Click them, we can watch the interview Youtube video of the survivor of the Okinawa ground war.

Furthermore, we can watch photos of Okinawa at the time of the Pacific War. They are put on a map of current Okinawa.

An interesting point of these data are that not only the geolocation but also the time axes is given these. We can watch data with this "time slider".

For example, there are few data at the time of the Pacific War outbreak.

However, there are many data at the time of the Pacific War end.

In addition, Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum and Okinawa Archives Building cooperate with this archive production entirely. So many valuable data are collected. Besides, we can watch all this free.

This helps the peace learning of the school very much. Of course English is supported.

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The Japanese Finnish embassy personified their Twitter account

The Twitter account of the Finnish embassy(@FinEmbToky) is popular in Japan.

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Twitter account of the Finnish embassy is popular in Japan

Their Twitter account is called "Fin-tan(フィンたん)" to a Japanese Twitter user, and is loved. Therefore, they invited public participation for a personification character of Fin-tan.

Then such works gathered.

The works have been already used as their Twitter icon. In addition, these are used for the ticket design of a "Finland film festival 2012" started on September 15 in Tokyo.

via http://www.finland.or.jp/Public/default.aspx?contentid=255151&nodeid=41206&culture=ja-JP

Localization for North America of Japanese dating sim for women

Not only men but also women play dating sim in Japan. Voltage is a developer Dating sim for women of Japanese representative. They release dating sim application for smartphones for the North America market. They released "Be My Princess" yesterday. This is for North America localization of Japanese "Oujisama no propose(王子様のプロポーズ)". They largely changed graphic for North America.

Japanese ver.

North America ver.

Which do you like?


Next tie-up of Pigg Life and Disney is "Winnie-the-Pooh"

"Pigg Life"(Farming social game in Japanese popular virtual world AmebaPigg) tie-up with Disney twice in the past.

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They perform the third tie-up now. It is "Winnie-the-Pooh" this time.

We can plant an oak in one's garden. When time passes, we have hives on an oak.

We gather honey from them and can cook various sweets. Winnie-the-Pooh is designed in them.

Of course the avatar can eat this.

We can get virtual goods of various Winnie-the-Pooh when we handle a quest.

Furthermore, the cute special area opens this time.