Let's enjoy a territorial problem by Android application!

Now, Japan becomes serious for a territorial problem with Korea. However, a certain developer developed the cute game application for Android on the topic of this "Takeshima scramble(竹島争奪戦)".

This is the game that a Korean rabbit and a Japanese rabbit swim towards Liancourt Rocks.

The developer says, "Stop the Takeshima scramble. The direction where Japan get along with South Korea can become fortunate rather than we possess Takeshima. If each other wants to fight, we fight by this game."

In addition, the developer says like this, "Takeshima is something like moon for me. In other words, it is an existence which is almost unrelated to a life practical. A neighbor quarrels for a territory of the moon. The latest Takeshima territorial problem is in sight of me at such a comedy." In addition, it has been thought that a rabbit lived in the moon in the East Asia from ancient times. For it, a character of this game is "rabbits".

Of course this application has a pro and con. However, I support the thought of the developer. It is stupid to quarrel with a neighbor and to concentrate on nationalism. If there is such time, it is more fun to play a game :)

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Unknown さんのコメント...

I admire it how the Japanese can make cute things out of ANYTHING, even political hassle. ;)
x, Lara

(I even saw cute POOPS in Japan ;))

Unknown さんのコメント...

Kawaii is justice :) It is the first step to peace to make cute thing.