Virtual diorama using AR expresses time

I wrote it about AR promotion of the Japanese national treasure anime Doraemon the other day.

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This is one of them, too.

This is the caramel candy which confectionery company Glico sells. Caramel candy are in the lower box and freebie is in the upper box.

freebies of this package is cute figures of Doraemon. Five kinds of figures are in the box at random.

However, the figure is not important in these freebies. Such AR marker is drawn on the box and we can watch a virtual diorama by this.

At first I downloaded AR application from the Glico's website. And I tap a box of Doraemon who is on the left side and scan AR marker with a camera.

Then scenery appeared around figure!

Furthermore, surprisingly this virtual diorama has a sound and animations. The cry of cicadas sounds(It's a Japanese summer feature), and the ball of the baseball flies.

In addition, this can express the time. Crows call in dusk, and a shooting star appears at night. It's very tasteful and right a "future diorama".

The AR application is free and we can download AR marker here. However, Unfortunately the application is released only in Japanese App Store and Google Play. You must get those Japanese accounts somehow or other!


Best AR promotion ever! 3D Doraemon appears from a drawing for coloring

In August, 3DCG movie of the Japanese national treasure anime Doraemon is shown.

Therefore promotion of this are performed in every place now in Japan. In them, the tie-up of the  confectionery company Glico is really cool!

Now, such a corner is established to Japanese supermarkets. All these are products of Glico, and characters of Doraemon are drawn on the packages.

I bought these first of all.

The mount in the product is a drawing for coloring. After having eaten a snack, the clientage can enjoy a drawing for coloring of Doraemon.

I painted Doraemon by a normal color first of all. As an accent, I reddened his cheeks.

Next, I downloaded augmented reality(AR) application in Glico's web site and scanned this drawing for coloring with a camera of iPhone.

Then countdown begins on a screen...

Yeah! Doraemon became 3D! The coating irregularity of the felt pen and his red cheeks are reproduced as texture.

I can watch him nearer if I bring a camera close.

Besides, he moves cutely! It is very smooth. Doraemon show the "Pass Loop" and creating a handy escape passage on brick walls.

Well, let's try the slightly funny paint.

Doraemon ride his time travel machine. I drew lines on his body and made him Toranomon.

Hello, I'm Toranomon

Unfortunately his ear was not reproduced, but the lines are reproduced properly. Doraemon and his time travel machine floats on a drawing for coloring and quake. Crooked clocks expressing different dimension space around him appear.

This augmented reality promotion is really cute and cool. Even if a supermarket near you does not have snacks of Glico, you can download drawings for coloring here. However, Unfortunately the application is released only in Japanese App Store and Google Play. You must get those Japanese accounts somehow or other!


[Photo Report] Nameko shop preview in Basement of Tokyo Station

I wrote that a real shop of Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko opened in the basement of Tokyo Station.

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Beeworks, the developer of the Nameko series held a preview of Nameko shop for press today. There was "Nameko heaven" definitely.

 The cute picture was drawn on the shutter, and it pleased passersby. Elderly people of the tourist who spoke Chinese photographed it early. Nameko is very popular now in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and Beeworks examines advance to Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Stuffed toys, figures, T-shirts, stationery, Books, candy, snack, Snacks, etc... This shop has every good of Nameko.

 This is T-shirts for adults. Well, Nameko fans are not only children. Rather adults are absorbed in it than children :)

What is this? This is Yaki-Nori(toasted seaweed: Japanese general food products)!

These cookies are just right for a souvenir. Japanese people share such boxes of cookies with family, relative and fellow workers.

This shop is very interesting as a research object of the real goods business in the Japanese mobile game industry. It opens officially at 10:00 of July 10. You can meet Nameko anytime if you go there.

Shop Info:
Place: Tokyo Station Ichibangai Character street
Open date: July 10, 2014
Time: AM10:00~PM8:30


Voltage appealed to American for their Romance Sim in ANIME EXOP 2014

Anime fair ANIME EXOP 2014 was held last week in Los Angeles and various Japanese companies exhibited. A characteristic point of this year is that there was many exhibition of mobile games. One of Japanese mobile romance sim developer Voltage showed photographs of the booth.

They installed the booth which assumed the Japanese summer festival a motif. It reproduces a Shinto shrine of Japan.

American models did the cos-play of characters of romance sim. They were very popular, and there were a lot of visitors who wanted to take a photo with them.

Stickers of characters were given visitors. They were prepared for 1,300 pieces beforehand, but became out of stock immediately.

Voltage is a one of Japanese romance sim developer who did a global market advance and support smartphone/tablet quickly. "My Forged Wedding" came first in the top sales ranking of the entertainment category of App Store of 48 countries including the U.S.