Virtual diorama using AR expresses time

I wrote it about AR promotion of the Japanese national treasure anime Doraemon the other day.

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This is one of them, too.

This is the caramel candy which confectionery company Glico sells. Caramel candy are in the lower box and freebie is in the upper box.

freebies of this package is cute figures of Doraemon. Five kinds of figures are in the box at random.

However, the figure is not important in these freebies. Such AR marker is drawn on the box and we can watch a virtual diorama by this.

At first I downloaded AR application from the Glico's website. And I tap a box of Doraemon who is on the left side and scan AR marker with a camera.

Then scenery appeared around figure!

Furthermore, surprisingly this virtual diorama has a sound and animations. The cry of cicadas sounds(It's a Japanese summer feature), and the ball of the baseball flies.

In addition, this can express the time. Crows call in dusk, and a shooting star appears at night. It's very tasteful and right a "future diorama".

The AR application is free and we can download AR marker here. However, Unfortunately the application is released only in Japanese App Store and Google Play. You must get those Japanese accounts somehow or other!

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