Collaboration of Disney and LINE GAME is a great success

I wrote about tie-up of LINE and Disney Japan before.

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It gained a great success. Their game "LINE:Disney TSUM TSUM" broke through 1M downloading from release on the fourth day and broke through 4M downloading two weeks after. This is a number only in Japanese market. They will get more users in the global market.

The motif of this game is a stuffed toy called TSUM TSUM. This is sold only in Disney store in Japan, and the game serves as the advertising of the stuffed toy. Therefore the cute movie of the stuffed toy is played before a game begins.

LINE:Disney TSUM TSUM is simple One-stroke puzzle game. We choose the same kind from TSUM TSUM which piled up, and connect them. It becomes the high score when we connect more TSUM TSUM. However, it is difficult. Because it is a stuffed toy, TSUM TSUM has physical behavior. TSUM TSUM collapses and bounds. It is really difficult!

However, TSUM TSUM is very cute and we earn coins and buy them. This is a game having high completeness. I think that it succeed further as Product Placement.

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