The next life of a social game closed down

Japan's brilliantservice performs an interesting trial with data of their social game. They provided social card battle game "JEWEL SAVIOR" in Japanese mobile social game platforms, but unfortunately they shut it down on July 31, 2013. Usually, social games as contents are the end in it. However, they decided to utilize the data of the game effectively, and showed character illustrations more than 300 and scenario texts more than 800 as freeware.

These copyrights belong to them, but these are available to anyone freely(wrongful conduct and obscene expression are excluded). The commercial use is possible, too.

According to them, JEWEL SAVIOR was the game that attached great importance to an illustration and the story of the character. They did not want to waste this and wanted to leave this in some kind of forms. Furthermore, because many artists were engaged in this, they repaid it and wanted to share result with many people.

This is new inflection technique of contents. Now, many unlucky social games disappear at the side of popular social game. They are forgotten sometime soon by users. It is a good idea to utilize these resources effectively.

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