Ninja's hand hidden blade iPhone application for movie promotion

A Kids mobie called "Ninjya Boy Rantaro"(Directed by Takashi Miike! Cool!) is shown now in Japan.

iPhone application is applied in the promotion of this movie.

Nintama Rantaro Attacker (Ninjya Boy Rantaro Attacker)

This is AR-like application. We can throw "Shuriken"(hand hidden blade) on real scenery.

Then sound effects of Shuriken are displayed on scenery. We can photograph the screenshot and upload it on Twitter.

However, amount of Shuriken where we are thrown in 1day includes a limit. This is application for kids. Probably this will be a system to prevent children from monopolizing iPhone of the parent :)

Download is here(Free)
忍たま乱太郎 Attacker - onoff inc.


Farming Social Game in Ameba Pigg "Pigg Life"

I wrote about CyberAgent's new social game World Chef a few days ago.
There is the game like this in Ameba Pigg(It's the archetypal Japanese virtual world of Ameba Pico).

It is Pigg Life.

Pigg Life is the farming social game that we can play in Ameba Pigg account and avatar.

Choose the house

Game start!

The tutorial is an animation.

The system of the game is not so different from other farming social games.

This is NPC's area. I want to make such a gorgeous garden early!

Furthermore, Pigg Life can make a dish with the farm products which we harvested.

I get a reward when I handle a quest.

Pigg Life can change an avatar like Ameba Pigg. However, the fashion items are not sold now. We get them only by the reward.

In the good point of Pigg Life, crops do not die. Because it is a shock that crops die even if it is Flash graphic.


"Wonder Festival 2011 [Summer]" Photo Report

Today, I went to Japan's biggest figure & toy event "Wonder Festival 2011 [Summer]".

This is a main visual. Why is a catfish drawn?

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Japanese Artists Draw Catfish To Encourage The Earthquake Sufferers

A lot of charity figures were sold here.

I watched 3D Motion-Capture Figure For 3D CG Production "Quma". It was cool! Quma is a device that can be used also for the interior item! :)

Airu is so cute!!!!!!
 It’s my friends GALVANIC’s works. He is making works who used animal’s bone. Cool!


I began Tumblr

I began Tumblr from yesterday.


I intend to write my favorite Japanese contents here. Book, comics, anime, movie, music, figure, game, character…etc…. If you likes Japanese contents, you will be able to enjoy here! :)


Pokemon became the iPhone application at last

On July 15, the first iPhone application of Pokemon was released. "Pokemon Ie TAP?"
This is a music game for children. The player taps a screen to rhythm of Pokemon song "Pokemon Ierukana? BW".

However, it may be difficult for children because a tempo is fast.

Nintendo does not release social application and a social game until now. Moreover, they say that they will not release it in the future.
"Pokemon Ie TAP? "Is time-limited release until September 30. Can this application change determination of Nintendo?

Download is here
ポケモン言えTAP? - The Pokemon Company