Farming Social Game in Ameba Pigg "Pigg Life"

I wrote about CyberAgent's new social game World Chef a few days ago.
There is the game like this in Ameba Pigg(It's the archetypal Japanese virtual world of Ameba Pico).

It is Pigg Life.

Pigg Life is the farming social game that we can play in Ameba Pigg account and avatar.

Choose the house

Game start!

The tutorial is an animation.

The system of the game is not so different from other farming social games.

This is NPC's area. I want to make such a gorgeous garden early!

Furthermore, Pigg Life can make a dish with the farm products which we harvested.

I get a reward when I handle a quest.

Pigg Life can change an avatar like Ameba Pigg. However, the fashion items are not sold now. We get them only by the reward.

In the good point of Pigg Life, crops do not die. Because it is a shock that crops die even if it is Flash graphic.

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