Japanese Twitter users are doing the wordplay with Japanese Hashtag

Official Twitter blog announced [J] that Twitter is capable of Japanese character hashtags.

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Then, a lot of Japanese Twitter users started a strange wordplay. This is a trend hashtags of  yesterday's Tokyo.

What is this long hashtag? This is specification of the theme of the wordplay.
For example, this hashtag is such a meaning.

#Mix the Ghibli's movie titles. The most funny works is champion

Users who wants to join in this wordplay attaches this hashtag and Tweet a works. They are really funny! However, It's impossible to translate them into English...

These are my Tweets(Works)

#If "Younger sister" is put on the Japanese version title of the progressive rock number, they become like the title of the light novel 

I used King Crimson as materials :)

There are various themes elsewhere. This wordplay does not have a purpose, a prize and sponsor. In addition, we do not know who thought about what kind of hashtag. They appear all too soon and disappear all too soon.

It's a very interesting and funny phenomenon. However, I can't explain it in English. It's exactly only in Japan.

A Japanese Twitter user wrote such a hashtag.

#If the hushtag is given to the Japanese, it becomes Ogiri

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