Ninja's hand hidden blade iPhone application for movie promotion

A Kids mobie called "Ninjya Boy Rantaro"(Directed by Takashi Miike! Cool!) is shown now in Japan.

iPhone application is applied in the promotion of this movie.

Nintama Rantaro Attacker (Ninjya Boy Rantaro Attacker)

This is AR-like application. We can throw "Shuriken"(hand hidden blade) on real scenery.

Then sound effects of Shuriken are displayed on scenery. We can photograph the screenshot and upload it on Twitter.

However, amount of Shuriken where we are thrown in 1day includes a limit. This is application for kids. Probably this will be a system to prevent children from monopolizing iPhone of the parent :)

Download is here(Free)
忍たま乱太郎 Attacker - onoff inc.

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