Another social game quarrel in Japan: Grani warned gumi in an intellectual property theft

I wrote about trial of GREE  and  DeNA.

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Japanese social game developer Grani warned gumi in an intellectual property theft. Grani and gumi are social game developers both, and they offer a social games in GREE. gumi released a new social RPG "Dragon Genesis" in GREE on April 26.

On the other hand, Grani provides social RPG "Shingoku no Valhalla Gate(神獄のヴァルハラゲート)" in GREE from January 25. This is very popular in GREE, so they conclude a strategic business tie-up with GREE.

And, according to Grani, game system, balance design, user interface and image look of "Dragon Genesis" of gumi just resembles "Shingoku no Valhalla Gate" closely very much. Grani showed an inspection image in their Facebook page.

The large size image is here

Naturally gumi denies plagiarism and their claim does not intersect. This may be tried.

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