Let's make own face stickers of the messaging apps!---iOS apps "StickerMe" broke through 1M downloading

The message apps are popular all over the world, and the apps to make original stickers only for oneself with it is popular. Japanese iOS apps StickerMe is popular in the whole area of Asia as well as Japan.

StickerMe is sticker making apps of Japanese startup Motion Portrait, and It broke through 1 million downloading from release in 1 month. Users can make various stickers using a portrait. We can use them in messaging apps such as LINE, kakao Talk, WeChat and Facebook message.

Originally Motion Portrait was the company which developed the 3D avatar using facial recognition technology to. However, they started development of the smartphone apps from 2010. And they aimed at a message apps movement more.
It is popular in China in particular, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, and according to them, 30 million stickers have been already used. Furthermore, they release stickers which cooperated with a Manga artists and a celebrityes, and Android version in June.

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