Goods? Gacha? Arcade prize? No, this is a premium of the lotteries

Characters of popular smartphone game Puzzle & Dragons become the premiums of the lottery. We pull a lottery for 500 yen once and can get these.

We can pull such a lottery in the Japanese convenience stores. Those most do not have a loser lottery, so we can get something. Probably it will be Japan's original marketing and promotion technique. Many contents such as comics, animes and games distribute original prizes to people by a lottery. In addition, Angry Birds enforces similar technique.

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The lottery of Puzzle & Dragons is released in the end of June.

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Lara Lizard さんのコメント...

Ahh I love that dragon! I hope I can get one like that when I go to Japan later this year!

籠谷千穂 さんのコメント...

We can pull this lottery in Seven-Eleven of Tokyo!:)