Does messaging application comm of DeNA go the way same as LINE?

DeNA added a game function in their messaging application comm, but slightly different from the existing messaging apps such as LINE and Kakao Talk.

They added the function that could play Daifugō, mahjong and poker with friends in a talking room(chat room) of comm. Okay, it is not a native apps.

When we use this function, half of the bottoms of the talking room become the game screen, and can play a game while chatting with friends. It resembles a system of the game portal site of the dawn. As for the game portal site around ten years ago(for example, early Hangame), games and a chat were combined.

The technique of comm which combines a game with messaging apps resembles LINE and Kakao Talk. However, games are not native apps. They can provide same games to all users at the same time.

Furthermore, they release the available stickers only at the time of a game play. They do not get profit in games and stickers(Because all of them are free). Before it, they make efforts in the acquisition of users and activation of the community. Will active users of comm increase by games?

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