DeNA(Mobage) gets mid-core games secretly

I see news that GREE is out of condition frequently recently. On the other hand, DeNA seems to grow up solidly. And they gave announcement on new games in succession this week. They provide "Godus", the new works of Peter Molyneux in Mobage of Japan, Korea, Europe and U.S.

Peter Molyneux is the artist who is famous in Japan, and Japanese game news sites reported progress of Godus project  in Kickstarter one by one. However, the press release of DeNA was reached with surprise. There are the people who still speak ill of a mobile social game in Japan(The most are core gamers). They think that social game platformers provide only a casual games. DeNA seems to gradually evolve from there.

Furthermore, they announced that they released mobile game of TRPG masterpiece "Dungeons & Dragons". The title is "Dungeons & Dragons Arena of War". It's a turn battle RPG of full 3DCG developed by Unity.

What will the difference between GREE and DeNA be? GREE persisted in the J-style mobile social game in the foreign countries. However, the Japanese market is very unique. Probably, the localization is insufficient only by translation and artworks change. DeNA performs a partnership tie-up abroad and gets new games locally. Besides, they put a mobile game for mid-cores in the field of vision. Will this become the new guidance of the Japanese mobile social game market?

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