Gay-friendly bug occurred in Nintendo 3DS game "Tomodachi Collection:New Life"

"Tomodachi Collection:New Life(トモダチコレクション 新生活)" is popular game software of Nintendo 3DS.

"Tomodachi Collection:New Life" is an avatar game. Players can make one's avatar called "Mii", play with a friends, become them and lovers and can marry them. This is a life simulation game and may resemble the Sims series of EA.

This is released on April 18 and is very popular now in Japan. However, an interesting bug was discovered on May 2. It is that a male couple Miis can marry. Besides, childs are born.

Usually, same sex Miis cannot become a lover. However, male Miis are possible now(I do not know whether female Miis are possible). This was scattered in an instant by Japanese social media. It became the topic in Twitter in particular, and hashtag "#Homocolle"(It is a parody  of contracted form TomoColle of Tomodachi Collection) became the trend. The most of the reaction of Japanese Netizens were favorable. There were a lot of people who said "I want this!". I wish Nintendo does not revise this bug. Rather this should be adopted as an official game system. And I wish Nintendo become a Gay-friendly company taking advantage of this opportunity.


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