Japanese Android application market finally get simulation game of poo upbringing

Yesterday, I found madness Android apps in Japanese Android Market.

This is "Unko Ikusei simulator mobile".
(Unko means poo in Japanese. Ikusei means upbringing in Japanese)

This apps is the simulation game that can enjoy upbringing of the poo in real time. Originally it was software for PC developed in 1998. Developers redevelop it for Android. You can touch the poo using touch panel interface.
In addition, this apps is free and the users review are high evaluation.


PiggLife does charity collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto

Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto performs the victims support project "LIFE 311" of the East Japan big earthquake disaster now. It is a project to build the temporary houses by the trees of cedar around the stricken area. And Sakamoto cooperated with PiggLife for the promotion of this project.

PiggLife opened a special area of LIFE311.

WE can hear the number of Sakamoto for free there.

He is virtual Sakamoto. Similar very much!:)

He speaks a message. "Hello, I'm Ryuuichi Sakamoto. The action of the virtual world PiggLife leads to activity of the reality stricken area support. This is a very splendid plan. Please participate. Love and trees!"

We can buy the trees of cedar for contribution in a special area. The tree of cedar has three kinds of 100yen, 500yen, 1,000yen.(abont 100yen = 1.29USD)

We can plant the tree of cedar in my garden. These profit is contributed all to LIFE311.


Go hentai go! Japanese developer developed iPhone game apps that removes girl's brassiere

Japanese application developer accomplished an unprecedented splendid achievement. Apple has shut out sexual contents. However, App Store has such an application now.

This is a game to take off the brassiere of the girl. Player becomes a schoolboy and takes off the brassiere of a school girl sitting down on the seat in front in a classroom in class so that she is not noticed from the rear.

It was released in last August and was downloaded more than 20,000. A development period is two years. It fell to examination of Apple 3 times. However, the developer did not give it up.

And the miracle happened(In November of the last year, Apple was busy by release of iOS5 and iPhone 4S).

Watch this miracle if you can access Japanese App Store.


Japanese Social Game Platform War

Japan has a lot of social game platforms. Japan has much social game platforms. Therefore I made a Japanese main social game platform list.

History of Japanese open platform began in mixi(from 2009 summer). However, mixi loses in Mobage and GREE now.

They are the second open platforms in Japan. They were only mobile, but they cooperated with Yahoo!Japan later and opened Yahoo! Mobage(for PC).

They are late departure, but are a platform making money most now. They offer a social game only in mobile.

Ameba is a CyberAgent's social community. Ameblo(Blog) and AmebaPigg(Virtual World) are famous, but they provide a lot of games for mobile in conjunction with them.

Colopl is known as operator of mobile geolocation social game. However, they are platforms specialized in geolocation game with it.

NicoNico Douga(PC)
NicoNico Douga is Japanese popular video sharing site. They open platform "NicoNico application " which can play a social game while watching video.

Hangame was well-established online game portal site. However, they make efforts in a social game now.

They are the mobile social game platform which just opened on January 11. They assume mobile SNS "logtomo" which started in 2007 and renewed it on starting a social game site with a smartphone.

They are japanese PPV sites, but are known as porn video site mainly. They started a social game platform for mobile experimentally. Their characteristic is providing a porno social game. Hentai eroge and social game, this is the strongest combination! :)

Japan has many platforms besides these. Those big characteristics is almost of "for future phone". And everybody globalization and cross platform are behind.


Kawaii social music service "Beatrobo"

When Turntable was released, it was popular among Japanese geeks at first. However, we can't access it from Japan now.

Therefore Beatrobo appeared.

Beatrobo is social music service that we can log in by Facebook account. A characteristic of this is asynchronous, not real-time. Other social music services are "real time". We cannot enjoy music together if we do not log in with a friend. If we compare them, Beatrobo is a social game, other social music services are virtual world or MMO.

We make the robot avatar first.

This is my room.

Facebook friends using Beatrobo are made a list automatically.

Avatars which we can display at a time are to 5 including myself. we can choose whose avatar we display.

Let's search numbers and add them to my play list.

We can search in Japanese.

Let's send a request to a friend of the same music taste.

Beatrobo exhibits in SXSW.

Beatrobo Facebook page

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Virtual gift wrapping function of AmebaPigg

Is the wrapping function necessary for virtual goods? CyberAgent has already carried it out.
Their virtual gift service "Ameba present" had a wrapping function than before.
However, this is something like icon(It resemble a virtual gift of Facebook).
They applied this function to popular virtual world "Ameba Pigg".

I got the virtual gift of the New Year's card from a friend the day before yesterday.

I can give my avatar it.

Therefore I decided to present a different virtual gift to a friend as thanks. The price of virtual gifts are 40yen - 250yen(0.5USD - 3.3USD). I chose the virtual gift of the "Otoshidama(Japanese New Year's present money)".

I chose the gift box next. These have various kinds like virtual gifts. And they are charged, too.

In addition, I was able to attach a message and appoint the date and time to give it a virtual gift. I thought that this was a very convenient function. They will assume a birthday and a memorial day.
I think that the wrapping function of the virtual gift evolves "send" to "presenting".


Let's battle with AR Kamen Rider in a convenience store

Bandai NAMCO games release cool AR application for iPhone of Kamen Rider.

Originally this is AR application corresponding to Bandai NAMCO's trading cards "Carddas". Children scan AR marker printed on cards and can enjoy a card battle with iPhone.

仮面ライダー ARカードダス 第1弾 [AR-KR01] (BOX)
This is AR Carddas pac.

Seven-Eleven and the Bandai NAMCO games held a tie-up event using this.

 Seven-Eleven installed such AR marker in each stores of the whole Japan.

  3DCG of Kamen Rider appears on a screen of iPhone when we scan this AR marker. We can fight with this Kamen Rider.

I have only 2 kamen Riders. This application has a collection function of save data which we scanned.

Chose the combination of play. Battle!

Unfortunately my Kamen Rider lost. However, we can challenge it again and again.

In addition, there are a vender machine function and an album function. Surprisingly we can play all free of charge. And this application is free, too.