PiggLife does charity collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto

Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto performs the victims support project "LIFE 311" of the East Japan big earthquake disaster now. It is a project to build the temporary houses by the trees of cedar around the stricken area. And Sakamoto cooperated with PiggLife for the promotion of this project.

PiggLife opened a special area of LIFE311.

WE can hear the number of Sakamoto for free there.

He is virtual Sakamoto. Similar very much!:)

He speaks a message. "Hello, I'm Ryuuichi Sakamoto. The action of the virtual world PiggLife leads to activity of the reality stricken area support. This is a very splendid plan. Please participate. Love and trees!"

We can buy the trees of cedar for contribution in a special area. The tree of cedar has three kinds of 100yen, 500yen, 1,000yen.(abont 100yen = 1.29USD)

We can plant the tree of cedar in my garden. These profit is contributed all to LIFE311.

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