Kawaii social music service "Beatrobo"

When Turntable was released, it was popular among Japanese geeks at first. However, we can't access it from Japan now.

Therefore Beatrobo appeared.

Beatrobo is social music service that we can log in by Facebook account. A characteristic of this is asynchronous, not real-time. Other social music services are "real time". We cannot enjoy music together if we do not log in with a friend. If we compare them, Beatrobo is a social game, other social music services are virtual world or MMO.

We make the robot avatar first.

This is my room.

Facebook friends using Beatrobo are made a list automatically.

Avatars which we can display at a time are to 5 including myself. we can choose whose avatar we display.

Let's search numbers and add them to my play list.

We can search in Japanese.

Let's send a request to a friend of the same music taste.

Beatrobo exhibits in SXSW.

Beatrobo Facebook page

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