Virtual gift wrapping function of AmebaPigg

Is the wrapping function necessary for virtual goods? CyberAgent has already carried it out.
Their virtual gift service "Ameba present" had a wrapping function than before.
However, this is something like icon(It resemble a virtual gift of Facebook).
They applied this function to popular virtual world "Ameba Pigg".

I got the virtual gift of the New Year's card from a friend the day before yesterday.

I can give my avatar it.

Therefore I decided to present a different virtual gift to a friend as thanks. The price of virtual gifts are 40yen - 250yen(0.5USD - 3.3USD). I chose the virtual gift of the "Otoshidama(Japanese New Year's present money)".

I chose the gift box next. These have various kinds like virtual gifts. And they are charged, too.

In addition, I was able to attach a message and appoint the date and time to give it a virtual gift. I thought that this was a very convenient function. They will assume a birthday and a memorial day.
I think that the wrapping function of the virtual gift evolves "send" to "presenting".

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