The game application which is the most popular in Japan is a "nameko mushroom"

Do you know the most popular game application in Japan? It's "Nameko Saibai Kit(nameko mushroom cultivation Kit)".

This is a simple game which cultivates nameko mushrooms and gathers a harvest. There are not a level system, charging system and social function at all. However, the cute nameko mushroom characters are collecting many fans(especially women).

How to play are only combining trees and equipment, and cultivates nameko mushrooms.

Then, we can harvest various kinds of funny nameko mushrooms.

If we release it for a long time, mold grow in a tree.

The winter limited version was released at the end of last year, too.

Most of how to play does not change, but designs are different. Moreover, we can harvest the nameko mushroom in connection with Christmas and Japanese New Year.

Furthermore, we can get cute wall paper for iPhone.

Developer of application Bee works released an Android version of this  recently. It broke through 200,000 downloading from release in one week. It has broken through 3,3M downloads in those whole series(Nameko Saibai Kit:2,1M DL, winter limited version:1M DL).

They began character-goods sale recently.

ディスプレイシート iPhone4/4S(なめこ)
カスタムカバーiPhone4/4S(なめこ フェイス)
なめこ栽培キット 縫製クリーナーストラップ(トゲなめこ)
カスタムカバーiPhone4/4S(なめこ パステル)

This business model resembles Angry Birds of Rovio.

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Japanese games are really making it's way to even more popularity.