Let's battle with AR Kamen Rider in a convenience store

Bandai NAMCO games release cool AR application for iPhone of Kamen Rider.

Originally this is AR application corresponding to Bandai NAMCO's trading cards "Carddas". Children scan AR marker printed on cards and can enjoy a card battle with iPhone.

仮面ライダー ARカードダス 第1弾 [AR-KR01] (BOX)
This is AR Carddas pac.

Seven-Eleven and the Bandai NAMCO games held a tie-up event using this.

 Seven-Eleven installed such AR marker in each stores of the whole Japan.

  3DCG of Kamen Rider appears on a screen of iPhone when we scan this AR marker. We can fight with this Kamen Rider.

I have only 2 kamen Riders. This application has a collection function of save data which we scanned.

Chose the combination of play. Battle!

Unfortunately my Kamen Rider lost. However, we can challenge it again and again.

In addition, there are a vender machine function and an album function. Surprisingly we can play all free of charge. And this application is free, too.

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