Find your own sound

Who decided that the design of the earphone must be a curve? The design of this earphone is linear, but it is very cool.

Audio manufacturer S'NEXT raised funds for development of their own earphone brand "Make" at the crowdfunding platform Makuake and developed three kinds of earphones.
They are already beginning to ship them. The characteristic of these earphones is that the users can make sounds by themselves. Unlike ordinary products, users must disassemble earphones themselves and tune them. These are new model earphone of IEM type, users can create their own sound by opening the screws of the earphone body and exchange the filters that adjusts the sound. Each model has multiple parts to exchange filters, and users can enjoy making various sounds by combining a plurality of filters with different densities packed with them.
The combination patterns of the filters are Make 1 is 77 kinds, and Make 2 and 3 are 847 kinds. Even if you are a DIY beginner, they have released a manual showing the actual tuning method on the official website, so if you look at this you can work with confidence. In addition, they have released graphs showing changes in frequency characteristics for each filters and graphs showing auditory changes.
Now they are shipping these to the crowdfunding supporters, but they plan to start these general sales from December. These main bodies are stainless steel, Make 1 weigh is 39g, Make 2 and Make 3 weigh are 34g, and the cable length is 1.2m. The general selling price is yet to be determined.


Let's show off your sports skills!

If you love sports and want to show your playing video to someone, what app do you use? Instagram? Tik Tok? But they already have many posts and your videos may be buried in them.

Miez is an application for iOS specialized in video to play sports. You can pick a drill provided in this, shoot and post videos of the drill you wanted to play.
The video that can be posted at once is up to 15 seconds, the videos are evaluated by users, and the more valuable videos are watched by more users. You can also watch videos of users who play better than you, and use them as a reference for your play, or you might find funny play videos and laugh. Of course, this has social features and editing features like other apps, you can add effects to the videos and communicate with other users through them. You may get new friends and rivals through videos, and they will bring new motivation to your play.
This is still a beta version and only for freestyle football, but more than 1,500 videos have already been showed. They are planning to deal with soccer and basketball during in this year, and aim to develop Android applications and global expansion. Download is free.


Add fragrance to games and movies

Asia's largest game trade show Tokyo Game Show 2018 was held in late September. Most of the exhibition booths are related to games, but Kyoto startup Aromajoin exhibited the gadgets they are developing. It is Aroma Shooter 1 which adds fragrance to games and movies.

This is a palm-sized miniature gadget, but it can instantly switch and release six types of fragrances according to the progress of the linked games or movies. When you connecting this to PC or mobile with USB or Bluetooth, it releases multiple scents from the built-in aroma cartridges. The advantage of this is that there are no remaining fragments. Existing aroma diffusers diffuse water and liquid perfume as the mist, so the fragrance drifts throughout the space, and it will never disappear. But Aroma Shooter 1's aroma cartridges are of a solid type and use air to release only aroma molecules like laser beams, so even if the interval of releasing multiple fragrances are short, they are not mixed. They use large numbers of patented technologies for development.
They have released APIs for Windows, iOS, Android, Java, NodeJS, Unity on the website, and developers can develop contents linked with Aroma Shooter 1.
Color variations are white and black, prices are USB version is 192,000yen, Bluetooth version is 240,000yen, and each aroma cartridges are 6,095yen.
Though they may be expensive, but they have not started full-scale mass production yet. If they establish mass production system it will be cheaper.