Cool customer correspondence of the IKEA Japan's Twitter account

IKEA Japan's official Twitter account "Anna" is very popular now in Japan.


Anna is a character of the setting of working at the contact center of IKEA Japan. She does news dispatch and customer correspondence in Twitter.

However, Japanese Twitter users came to ask Anna a strange question.

It began in this Tweet.

"Does IKEA sell the human chair? I want the one that it doesn't cost the food expenses."

Then Anna did a faithful answer for the question.

"We do not sell the human chair. I'm sorry without being able to comply with your demand."

The faithful customer correspondence of Anna became the topic. And, the Japanese Twitter users began to do a strange question to Anna one after another.

"My friend said that IKEA is selling the military Stealth tank. Are there still these stock? I want them seven. "
Anna: Our large warehouse can hold seven tanks. However, unfortunately we do not sell them. I'm sorry without being able to comply with your demand.

"I have only few friends. Can I buy a friends in IKEA?"
Anna: Unfortunately we do not sell a friend. However, please talk again if I am enough.

"Does IKEA sell Udon? What is soup?"
Anna: Unfortunately there is not the udon in the restaurant for visitors. However, there is it in the company cafeteria. Yesterday's seasoning aimed at the summer heat cancellation and was a vinegar soy sauce.

"Does IKEA sell F-14TOMCAT? It retired, but was my favorite fighter."
Anna: I'm sorry. We do not sell it. In addition, we are Swedish companies. So, if we sell a fighter, it will be Saab."

The splendid customer correspondence of Anna still continues. A part of these exchanges is summarized in Japanese Twitter curation service "Togetter"(English name: Chirpstory) with a title "The things which IKEA does not sell"(Written in only Japanese).

These communications seem to joke very much. However, I think that it has consequentially raised the corporate value of IKEA.


Zombie fever!!!

I played iPhone game apps "Zombie Restaurant" after a long absence yesterday. Then the graphic of the game became very cool!

People are dead in a town!

Zombies eat the body!

Zombies act violently in a town when we do not feed zombies a dish at a restaurant. This is very cool update.

Download free
ゾンビレストラン - CyberAgent, Inc.


Ameba Pigg tie-up with GUCCI

Japanese popular virtual world Ameba Pigg tie-up with GUCCI.

Official logo!

This tie-up is carried out in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of GUCCI. They sell some official virtual goods of GUCCI. They are slightly more expensive than normal virtual goods of  Ameba Pigg. The most expensive virtual goods cost 1,800 yen (about23.5USD). We can buy a real bag for this money! :)

However, I saw a lot of Ameba Pigg avatars which put on virtual goods of GUCCI today.


If people of the Edo era use Twitter?

Many Japanese Twitter users started funny wordplay again by using this Japanese long hush tag.


This hush tag means "It is often in Twitter in Edo period" in Japanese. Japanese Twitter users combine the history in Edo period and the Twitter culture of Japan. If people of 200 - 500 years ago are using Twitter? Those Tweets are very funny!

This is the works which I like most.

Last general of the Edo Shogunate Toshinobu Tokugawa became the mayor of Edo Castle on
 Fouesquare! :D

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More light!

The parents' home had me until last week. There was the severe situation. I worked at a apple farm of parents’ home. There goes to ruin everywhere. Because the Japanese agriculture is not profitable, and there are not youths in the farm village. Furthermore, my dad suffers from pulmonary lung cancer. According to the doctor, The remainder of father's life is 2 years. However, my parents are very poor. My younger brother lives with parents, but his monthly salary is only 150,000 yen. 

My parents do not receive higher education. Naturally they are ignorant for the IT. Therefore I intended to teach them knowledge about the Internet at first. However, it was a shallow thought. Does it have a meaning to preach the splendor of technology and social media to a person a severe life? nti-cancer drug cannot be used because there is no money though cancer suffered, cannot pay monthly public utilities charges, cannot make money by work...Does it have the meaning to recommend a smartphone to the person that such a life became common?

And, Japan's farm village and the labour for farming have curse that the news of the world on the outside becomes trivial. 

This is the scenery around my parents' home. I took  it by Instagram, but is the scenery which is terrible in consideration of it.

However, the situation changed completely as soon as I took out iPad.

Apple iPad2 Wi-Fiモデル 32GB ホワイト
Parents operated iPad immediately! The parents know neither the smartphone nor the tablet at all. On the contrary, the parents have not possessed even a featurephone. Furthermore, they are 60 years old!

They said in this way.

Dad: It started as soon as I pushed the button! There is a great difference between this and Windows!
Mam: If there is even this, I can do anything if a finger moves even if a body did not move.
Dad: I can enlarge a screen even if I become hard to see it.
Mam: The ignorant human being like us must use this in future.
Dad: I do not understand it by the explanation with TV and the newspaper at all. However, it can be understood when I really use it in this way.

The expression of parents changed brightly in a moment. Light seemed to have opened it to cloudy skies.

"Everyone can use it even if there is no manual"--- This is very splendid!

Afterwards, dad has gotten smartphonen catalog from the electric appliances store. In addition, dad seemed to be interested in Samsung's GALAXY. "GALAXY looks just like iPhone and seems to be easy to use" he reason. The designwork of Samsung is also splendid. Because even man with an ignorant smartphone understands when it is just like iPhone :)

I actually felt the technology and the Internet were "Light of hope".


Nendoroid Wakusei(Planet)

Japanese figure maker Good smile Company released cool free iPhone application.

Nendoroid Wakusei(Planet)  *Wakusei means Planet in Japanese
"Nendoroid" is anchor product of Good smile Company. Various characters are deformed cutely. Good smile Company utilized the 3D model data of those figures well.

 UI of this application is full 3D. However, It work very smoothly.

 You play a game and can get a virtual currency.

 And you can play a vending machine using the virtual currency.

 Then, you can get virtual Nendoriod at random.

You collect much Nendorid in this way. Kawaii!

 The 3D model of Nendoroid changes an angle and can look from all courses.

 Furthermore, you can take a AR-like photos.

Of course you can check the news of the latest product, too. (Unfortunately written in only Japanese)

Let's download this if you look for the cute 3D application.

download is here(free)
ねんどろいど惑星 - GoodSmileCompany


The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Archive on Google Earth "Hiroshima Archive"

August 6 is a day when the atomic bomb was dropped to Hiroshima by the U.S. Army. Hidenori Watanave Laboratory at Tokyo Metropolitan University launched pluralistic digital archive “The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Archive”.

http://hiroshima.mapping.jp/ (English and Japanese)

“The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Archive” is a pluralistic digital archive using Google Earth to display on it the materials gained from such sources as the Hiroshima peace memorial museum, the Hiroshima Jogakuin gaines association and the Hachioji atomic bomb survivors association. You can watch survivor's note, interview  video and photos here.

They launched "Nagasaki Archive"(English and Japanese) as well as this last year. Please check this, too.


Fuckin' News! The Japanese Government begins censorship of internet

Fuck! The Japanese Ministry of Economy do the censorship. They are recruited the tender of the watching service of improper Tweet & blog.

Criminal document of the Japanese Ministry of Economy (Written in Japanese)

Then, Japanese advertising agency ADK accepted an order of this work for 70 million yen from them. 70 million yen is about 900,000 USD now. The salary of the work that only watch the Internet is 900,000 USD. Fuck!

Why will not they give the 900,000 USD to victims of an earthquake and the radioactivity? Aren't they shameful in themselves?

(Written in Japanese)

If an English band name is translated into Japanese, it becomes nerdy

I'm into funny wordplay on such a Japanese Twitter hashtags


If an English band name is translated into Japanese, it becomes nerdy

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These are my works

This is play to translate an English band name into Japanese. It is really funny!! When the cool band name translates into Japanese, it become very nerdy! However, I can't explain it in English.

There are a lot of other works of Japanese Twitter users.
It cannot enjoy this wordplay if not well versed in both English and Japanese. The global wordplay is difficult!

By the way, there are a lot of foreigners carving Tattoo of the kanji to a body. Say honestly, they look very nerdy when the Japanese sees. 


The Japanese heroes goes to YouTube officially

Japanese film, television production Toei Co., Ltd. Toei opened an official channel in YouTube.


Toei is a Japanese representative film company. They in particular are known by producing a lot of special effects movie and TV programs. Do you know Japanese heroes such as Kamen Rider and Power Rangers? Originally they are the contents that Toei owns.

Toei will upload about 120 contents in future on YouTube. In them, there are old heroes and latest heroes. If you compare them, you will notice the evolution of the special effects technology of Japan.


Camera application for Women from Japan "girls pic"

Are you interested in the Japanese women's fashion ? In addition, do you want to share your fashion photos with another person? Then let's use this camera application.

girls pic

girls pic is very similar to Instagram. However, it specializes concept, UI, design all for a women. Just the thing is "KAWAII".

You can add a filter to a photo. There are more those kinds than Insragram.

Furthermore, you can add a frame to a photo.


Then, you choose a category. The categorys are "nail" "fashion" "cosme" "lifestyle".

You write the caption of the photo.

There are a lot of KAWAII photos!

In addition, there are the social functions such as friend request, links with Twitter, Favorite..etc.

Download is here
girls pic - CyberAgent, Inc.


iPhone application of Hatsune Miku's PV "electric love"

Japan’s Virtual PopStar Hatsune Miku Rocks Los Angeles!

Do you want to watch Hatsune Miku on iPhone always? Then let's download "electric love"!

"electric love" is application to be able to enjoy the figure that Miku of 3D produced by 3DCG movie making tool "MikuMiku Dance" moves cutely.

Furthermore, you can get the wall paper, too.

"Touch" - When you touch Miku, she do various reactions.

Download is here
electric love - VB yamaha