Nendoroid Wakusei(Planet)

Japanese figure maker Good smile Company released cool free iPhone application.

Nendoroid Wakusei(Planet)  *Wakusei means Planet in Japanese
"Nendoroid" is anchor product of Good smile Company. Various characters are deformed cutely. Good smile Company utilized the 3D model data of those figures well.

 UI of this application is full 3D. However, It work very smoothly.

 You play a game and can get a virtual currency.

 And you can play a vending machine using the virtual currency.

 Then, you can get virtual Nendoriod at random.

You collect much Nendorid in this way. Kawaii!

 The 3D model of Nendoroid changes an angle and can look from all courses.

 Furthermore, you can take a AR-like photos.

Of course you can check the news of the latest product, too. (Unfortunately written in only Japanese)

Let's download this if you look for the cute 3D application.

download is here(free)
ねんどろいど惑星 - GoodSmileCompany

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