More light!

The parents' home had me until last week. There was the severe situation. I worked at a apple farm of parents’ home. There goes to ruin everywhere. Because the Japanese agriculture is not profitable, and there are not youths in the farm village. Furthermore, my dad suffers from pulmonary lung cancer. According to the doctor, The remainder of father's life is 2 years. However, my parents are very poor. My younger brother lives with parents, but his monthly salary is only 150,000 yen. 

My parents do not receive higher education. Naturally they are ignorant for the IT. Therefore I intended to teach them knowledge about the Internet at first. However, it was a shallow thought. Does it have a meaning to preach the splendor of technology and social media to a person a severe life? nti-cancer drug cannot be used because there is no money though cancer suffered, cannot pay monthly public utilities charges, cannot make money by work...Does it have the meaning to recommend a smartphone to the person that such a life became common?

And, Japan's farm village and the labour for farming have curse that the news of the world on the outside becomes trivial. 

This is the scenery around my parents' home. I took  it by Instagram, but is the scenery which is terrible in consideration of it.

However, the situation changed completely as soon as I took out iPad.

Apple iPad2 Wi-Fiモデル 32GB ホワイト
Parents operated iPad immediately! The parents know neither the smartphone nor the tablet at all. On the contrary, the parents have not possessed even a featurephone. Furthermore, they are 60 years old!

They said in this way.

Dad: It started as soon as I pushed the button! There is a great difference between this and Windows!
Mam: If there is even this, I can do anything if a finger moves even if a body did not move.
Dad: I can enlarge a screen even if I become hard to see it.
Mam: The ignorant human being like us must use this in future.
Dad: I do not understand it by the explanation with TV and the newspaper at all. However, it can be understood when I really use it in this way.

The expression of parents changed brightly in a moment. Light seemed to have opened it to cloudy skies.

"Everyone can use it even if there is no manual"--- This is very splendid!

Afterwards, dad has gotten smartphonen catalog from the electric appliances store. In addition, dad seemed to be interested in Samsung's GALAXY. "GALAXY looks just like iPhone and seems to be easy to use" he reason. The designwork of Samsung is also splendid. Because even man with an ignorant smartphone understands when it is just like iPhone :)

I actually felt the technology and the Internet were "Light of hope".

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