Big news for Second Life users in Japan!

It's big news! Second Life documentary film "LIFE 2.0" is introduced by Japanese TV program "松嶋x町山の未公開映画を観るTV(Matsushima & Machiyama's TV which watches unscreened movies in japan)" on December 3rd & 10th 23:30~!

This TV program introduces excellent movies which is not screened in Japan. Perhaps, this is the first time this movie is introduced by the television program of the ground wave.

There are a lot of people who still say "Second Life is suck!" in Japan. I wish this program to change the such recognition.


Bar android becomes the topic!

Last week, I wrote the article of "Bar android" that opened in Shibuya,Tokyo. It became a topic very much!

Bar Android a Tokyo(Italian)

L’Android Bar existe, il est à Tokyo(French)

Bar Android(Thai)

Japanese media
ASIAJIN(*My article!)



Therefore, a lot of people gathered in Bar android this week. Bartenders seemed to be very busy!

This is new Android mobile "IS03" of  KDDI au. It's not yet release, but a samples were offered to Bar android in particular.
Bar android raises companies developing Android mobile. About the Android mobile of your company, do you want to hear an opinion of developers?

Bar android Twitter

Bar android Facebook fanpage

These are written only in Japanese at present, but English support is available.

Coba-U in Second Life

Tonight, Japanese singer Coba-U broadcast the Ustream program while logging in Second Life.

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シンガーCoba-U(コバユー)さんのUstream番組「オトナコドモラボ」にてSecond Life特集

Coba-U administers the Ustream program which is specialized in her on every Wednesday. And she seems to have known Second Life recently. Then, she introduced the Inworld of Second Life by the program today.

Coba-U area in Second Life.




It's public viewing! :)


Let's play all!



Coba-U's Second Life avatar

There were some users who saw Ustream and logged in Second Life.


Bar android

Do you have android mobile? Then let's go to this bar! My friend's Kabayan opens the hangout "Bar android" for the android users.

 There is a projector. And there are power supplies, so it's not necessary for you to mind battery consumption.

 Gingerbread Cookie! If you can understand it, you are an android user definitely! :)

Only 19:00 - 23:30 on Monday every week opens here. Drinks and snacks are all 500 yen. And Japanese food set meal is 1,000 yen.

It's Kabayan's comment.

Who can make the place which can meet who interested in android?

When I met many guys at the bar at shibuya, I felt the power of 'real Place'.

At that time, My friend introduce his friend. He has a bar at shibuya.
He was looking for idea to be popular that bar.
So I tell to him my idea, then I opened 'bar android'.

Why I named my bar as 'bar android', because android os will use many

Situation and connect many people. This style may like my concept of bar.

This bar is not my bar actually. But people who interested in android will

Support us, I belive.

Please come to the bar and drink and talk to me!


But, this bar doesn't shut out people other than the android users. I went here yesterday though I'm iPhone4 user :)

Please check these if you were interested in here.

Bar android Twitter

Bar android Facebook funpage
(These are written only in Japanese at present, but English support is OK.)


Japanese Heavy Metal legend SEIKIMA-II released iPhone apps for promotion

Do you know Japanese Heavy Metal band "SEIKIMA-II"?  SEIKIMA-II is the Japanese Hard Rock & Heavy Metal band that acted in chiefly 1985-1999.

via Wikipedia [English]

SEIKIMA-II is one of the bands that I love most!! I am their fans from the grade-schooler.

Please check these video!

Their performance were wonderful. However, unfortunately the records were not popular so much. Because they had too strange appearance. The concept of this band was "Devil", but the music-style was the typical 80's metal which is not satanic metal. It confused Japanese music commentators.

*Special mention
The person who doesn't understand them, especially the foreigner said "They rip off the KISS!". It's wrong. The founder of this band has not been influenced from KISS, and they are more colorful than KISS.

The Japanese entertainment is mature now, and the personality of various artists are evaluated. But, it was not so 25 years ago. After all, they dissolved without being duly evaluated in 1999.

Their evaluations changed little by little after YouTube had appeared in 2005. Because overseas people saw videos of them on YouTube (Most videos were illegal upload...).

Now, they revive in commemoration of the 25th anniversary major debut this year (only in one year). They held gig this year in Dallas, Paris and Korea.

They now are in the middle of a Japanese tour. And they released iPhone apps today. The price is 1,500 yen.(Slightly expensive!) Artist's promotion apps are still few in Japan.

You can watch a profile of the band, profile all members of successive members, voices, images, data bases of the records and the band's histories etc.

In addition, there is the camera which you piled up their images and can take a photos.

Unfortunately there is only Japanese support, but the apps is sold in overseas AppStore.

Download here!

SEIKIMA-II Official Site (iPhone & iPad ok!)

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地球デビュー25周年記念!聖飢魔IIがiPhoneアプリをリリース(THE SECOND TIMES)


[Personal information] I newly write the articles on two English sites

I write the articles in two English sites now.


ASIAJIN is group-edited tech blog about web industry news from Japan and Asia. I write a report articles mainly.


metaverse.jp is English site to introduce information of Japanese virtual world users into. I'm writing the articles of japanese virtual world event.

The articles on these sites might overlap occasionally.But, hereafter, please check these sites with here.

And, I'm writing most articles on news blog "THE SECOND TIMES [J]" of the virtual world, social game, AR and virtual economics. Please check it, too!

Japanese new Second Life news site "URIKO.in"

"3D virtual world doesn't become popular in Japan. " "The Japanese uses only the mobile service", overseas people said in this way much more for some time. In addition, Japanese Medea reports that "Second Life is not good and no use" (still). Are not there the Second Life users in Japan? No! There are heavy users of Second Life also in Japan.

"URIKO.in" is new media that send Second Life user's activity information. Especially, information on the art are abundant. The site is written only in Japanese, but there are a lot of beautiful screen shots.

Please check "URIKO.in" if you are interested in the Japanese Second Life news site.


Idol event in AmebaPigg gathers 1,5000 users

Idol unit "TeamPigg MINT" held a gig in Japanese virtual world "Ameba Pigg [J]" on November 3.




TeamPigg MINT is a unit selected from a member of popular idol group "AKB48 [J]". They carry out long-term promotion in AmebaPigg than before.


These are virtual goods that reproduced their stage costumes.










These are parts of gig appearance.
Of course, "real" TeamPigg MINT's members operated the TeamPigg MINT's avatars.

"Real" TeamPigg MINT

Ameba Pigg's events are very popular, and 15,000 users gathered in this event.Ameba Pigg's Dev. Cyber Agent sold the tickets of this event on a limited sales for 150 yen. And they were sold out!

As for the event of Ameba Pigg, a lot of halls(server) are installed usually. (Even if the users log in to which hall, they can watch a guest avatar at the same time) But, this is the first time that more than 10,000 users gathered for the same event at the same time. Perhaps, it might be the first time in the Japanese virtual world business history, too.

For your information, please read these articles.(Sorry! written in Japanese only.)

【レポート】アメーバピグにて「AKB48チームピグMINT」のライブを開催 約1万5000人が参加
http://www.secondtimes.net/news/japan/20101105_mint.html (I wrote this!)


http://ameblo.jp/cair/entry-10696823299.html (Cyber Agent's press blog)

TV commercial of this event