Japanese Heavy Metal legend SEIKIMA-II released iPhone apps for promotion

Do you know Japanese Heavy Metal band "SEIKIMA-II"?  SEIKIMA-II is the Japanese Hard Rock & Heavy Metal band that acted in chiefly 1985-1999.

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SEIKIMA-II is one of the bands that I love most!! I am their fans from the grade-schooler.

Please check these video!

Their performance were wonderful. However, unfortunately the records were not popular so much. Because they had too strange appearance. The concept of this band was "Devil", but the music-style was the typical 80's metal which is not satanic metal. It confused Japanese music commentators.

*Special mention
The person who doesn't understand them, especially the foreigner said "They rip off the KISS!". It's wrong. The founder of this band has not been influenced from KISS, and they are more colorful than KISS.

The Japanese entertainment is mature now, and the personality of various artists are evaluated. But, it was not so 25 years ago. After all, they dissolved without being duly evaluated in 1999.

Their evaluations changed little by little after YouTube had appeared in 2005. Because overseas people saw videos of them on YouTube (Most videos were illegal upload...).

Now, they revive in commemoration of the 25th anniversary major debut this year (only in one year). They held gig this year in Dallas, Paris and Korea.

They now are in the middle of a Japanese tour. And they released iPhone apps today. The price is 1,500 yen.(Slightly expensive!) Artist's promotion apps are still few in Japan.

You can watch a profile of the band, profile all members of successive members, voices, images, data bases of the records and the band's histories etc.

In addition, there is the camera which you piled up their images and can take a photos.

Unfortunately there is only Japanese support, but the apps is sold in overseas AppStore.

Download here!

SEIKIMA-II Official Site (iPhone & iPad ok!)

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