Bar android

Do you have android mobile? Then let's go to this bar! My friend's Kabayan opens the hangout "Bar android" for the android users.

 There is a projector. And there are power supplies, so it's not necessary for you to mind battery consumption.

 Gingerbread Cookie! If you can understand it, you are an android user definitely! :)

Only 19:00 - 23:30 on Monday every week opens here. Drinks and snacks are all 500 yen. And Japanese food set meal is 1,000 yen.

It's Kabayan's comment.

Who can make the place which can meet who interested in android?

When I met many guys at the bar at shibuya, I felt the power of 'real Place'.

At that time, My friend introduce his friend. He has a bar at shibuya.
He was looking for idea to be popular that bar.
So I tell to him my idea, then I opened 'bar android'.

Why I named my bar as 'bar android', because android os will use many

Situation and connect many people. This style may like my concept of bar.

This bar is not my bar actually. But people who interested in android will

Support us, I belive.

Please come to the bar and drink and talk to me!


But, this bar doesn't shut out people other than the android users. I went here yesterday though I'm iPhone4 user :)

Please check these if you were interested in here.

Bar android Twitter

Bar android Facebook funpage
(These are written only in Japanese at present, but English support is OK.)

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