Good-bye, Edo-Castle in Second life

There is Japanese community called "EDO" in second life ("EDO" is a old name of Tokyo).

EDO - Sakura

This community reproduces scenery of EDO (Tokyo) before Japan becomes the modern nation.

The most splendid scenery is Edo Castle.

Edo-Castle 1

Now, Edo-Castle becomes the palace of Japanese emperor. It's a very big building, but bigger than now in old days. Edo-Castle encountered the damage of the large-scale fire in old days.
This community examined ancient documents and completely reproduced Edo-Castle before the fire. It's a very splendid works! !

Edo-Castle 2

Because it was a splendid work, used as material by a history TV program.

Edo-Castle 3

In addition, a lot of not only the Japanese user but also overseas users visited here, too. And a Japanese popular song singer and a rock band held a virtual show here.

Edo-Castle 4

But, unfortunately this community is closed by April 30. what sad!

Please visit this community. And please see the sights a lot, take a lot of photo & video.

http://slurl.com/secondlife/EDO 01/171/125/69

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