Poupée Girl DS event in Shibuya 109

Japanese avatar and fashion community "Poupée Girl" became a Nintendo DS soft.

プーペガール DS

And it sold 40,000 in just three months from release. In commemoration of this, an event was held in Shibuya109 yesterday.

20100330_pupe 005

20100330_pupe 006

20100330_pupe 009

20100330_pupe 007

20100330_pupe 008

What Poupée Girl?
via Wiki

98% of the Poupée Girl user are women. And the site is written only in Japanese, but 40% of the user are overseas women.
The people who gathered for the yesterday's event were all the women. It's exceptional by the game event!!


Japan is over ~TIAF 2010~

March 26, I went to watch Tokyo international anime fair 2010.

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 001

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 002

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 006

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 005

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 003

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 004

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 023

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 027

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 026

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 031

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 030

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 025

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 024

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 028

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 034

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 033

This event also saw a gorgeous look. But exhibitor booth was definitely decreased. Exhibitor booth this year had more last year, had become smaller than last year.

On the other hand, exhibitors from abroad increased. The advance of the particularly Chinese company was remarkable.

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 029

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 032

The completeness of the animation comes close to Japan. There were some rip off works, but there were many originality works too.
Japan has been slowly declining like the Athens of ancient Greece.

By the way, they are the costume which was the cutest by this event.

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 036

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 035


Please read this article


Japanese 2D Avatar

I write a Japanese 2D avatar service list. But omit the service for mobile. Because there are too too much!

Han game



Ameba Pigg


Pupe girl

Nicotto Town


Meromero park

Livly island

Ameba Pigg, @game & meromero park have the Facebook app ver. (English ver.). Lrt's try!

Ameba Pico


meromero park

Japanese 3D Avatar


Reality or non-reality? That is not a problem in Japan

On March 9, "Hatsune Miku"'s live was held in Zepp Tokyo. But "Hatsune Miku" is not a human idol. She is singing synthesizer application software.

VOCALOID2 キャラクターボーカルシリーズ01 初音ミク HATSUNE MIKU
VOCALOID2 キャラクターボーカルシリーズ01 初音ミク HATSUNE MIKU

via Wiki

She quickly became a big hit since released and the package art was popular, too. So, the copyright holder accepted the second creation of the user. Now, you can watch her in the various social media & contents.

This live is an experiment free her from a PC and to bring to the reality world. This experiment was done last year, but more spectators gathered this time (Surprisingly 2500 people!).

TV News

YAMAHA developed her voice, and SEGA made 3DCG.

SEGA 3DCG movie

Huge transparent screen of 2m×6m was fixed in the stage and her 3DCG was reflected by it. By the way, a band member is a real human being.

Looking photo, looks like she is really like there.

via ITmedia Gamez

These are the live video last year.

Foreigner comments "Jap is insane". It's true. But, is "sane" fun thing? Reality or non-reality is not an important problem in Japan. The most important problem is "fun or not fun".


3Di, Inc.'s Server Software for 3D Virtual World Construction "3Di OpenSim" Adopted by NTT Urban Development Corporation Avatar-based, Easy-to-access Residential Showroom Site "WELLITH 3D MUSEUM" Opens to the Public Today

3Di, Inc. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Satoshi Koike; hereinafter referred to as 3Di), which develops and offers 3D Internet solutions, announces the development of a next-generation residential showroom site "WELLITH 3D MUSEUM," as part of the "WELLITH"(*1) residential brand of NTT Urban Development Corporation (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO Masaki Mitsumura; hereinafter referred to as NTT Urban Development), which works in real estate development, leasing operations, and related areas. The next-generation showroom site makes use of 3Di's server software for construction of virtual worlds, "3Di OpenSim." (*2)
"WELLITH 3D MUSEUM" is a virtual showroom utilizing the latest, cutting-edge ICT technology in order to introduce the residential brand "WELLITH" of NTT Urban Development. From within the comfort of their own homes, visitors are able to experience the showroom by means of a web site.
In this case, the adoption of 3Di OpenSim has enabled the construction of original 3D virtual world contents particular to NTT Urban Development. By using 3Di OpenViewer software (complementary to 3Di OpenSim) embedded into a web page, an environment is being realized that allows 3D virtual world contents to be displayed on the web and thus made accessible to large numbers of Internet users.
Features of "WELLITH 3D MUSEUM"
  • Experience the showroom from anywhere with Internet access
  • Easily visualize in 3D the multitude of residential facilities offered by "WELLITH" condominiums: crime prevention, earthquake resistance, and so forth
  • Using an avatar, freely view the interior of the residence, in a manner very similar to that of a real-world showroom experience
※Access to the site requires a PC and Internet connection that meet the minimum requirements for the service

■Entrance to WELLITH 3D MUSEUM

■Visualization of features such as earthquake-proof construction

By enabling web-based experience of showrooms and model rooms, and moreover by enabling future business- and customer-related communications to take place inside the 3D virtual space, 3Di anticipates a revolution in web marketing techniques, which until how have been limited to waiting for customer contact in the form of inquiries or requests for documents.
By pro-actively seeking out customer opinion and striving to improve product features and convenience, 3Di looks forward to continuing to support enterprise adoption of 3D Internet technologies.
【About NTT Urban Development】
As the NTT Group's single, integrated real estate company, NTT Urban Development develops business activities with the aim of creating environments that foster harmony among three elements – the people who create living places, the living places that energize people and the environment that lends peace of mind to people and their living places. NTT Urban Development works in areas including office-oriented real estate development, leasing, sales, property management, and the fund business.
NTT Urban Development(http://www.nttud.co.jp/)

(*1) WELLITH … The brand name for the condominiums of NTT Urban Development, with the vision of creating comfortable living spaces and high quality residences that are used by different generations, and also maintaining their asset value. "WELLITH" is portmanteau of the words, "well" (comfort) and "with" (together), representing the hope for living together in comfort. WELLITH Club(http://www.wellith.jp/)
(*2) 3Di OpenSim…The name of the server software developed and offered by 3Di for the construction of original 3D virtual worlds. It is the world's first server software specifically designed for enterprises and based on OpenSim, which is an open source 3D Internet technology. 3Di OpenSim product site(http://solution.3di.biz)
※Registered trademarks or other trademarks mentioned in this press release belong to their respective owners

■Company Information
Company Name: 3Di, Inc.
President & CEO: Satoshi Koike
Major Shareholders: ngi group, inc. (60%), NTT Investment Partners Fund, L.P. (40%)
Paid in Capital: 444,497,500 JPY
Address: Fuji Building 37 4F, 1-18-3 Dougenzaka, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0043, Japan
Website : http://3di.biz/en/


Please join! Haiti big earthquake charity concert

SecondLife Japanese community hold a Haiti big earthquake charity concert on March 20 until 22nd. All the tips are contributed to the French "world team of doctors".

Schedule is here

March 20
HARUNO-Spring Blooming Fields
(6amSLT) TB Andel (Portugal)
23:00JST (7amSLT) Joaquin Gustav (Argentina)
24:00JST (8amSLT) Jaynine Scarborough (Germany)
25:00JST (9amSLT) Haruno Watanabe (USA/Japan)

March 21
(5amSLT) Jordio Carnell (Catalonia)
22:00JST (6amSLT) Zachh Cale (USA)
23:00JST (7amSLT) Karma Auer (Catalonia)
24:00JST (8amSLT) Louis Volare (USA)
25:00JST (9amSLT) Ashiya Jun Trio (Japan)

March 22
あまつ Music Space神楽
(5amSLT) naturalway Flow (Japan)
natulax Fireworks Show Music Starmine
22:00JST (6amSLT) Riz (Japan)
23:00JST (7amSLT) amina Aeon (Japan)
24:00JST (8amSLT) horacios Allen (Argentina)


Spooky creature iPhone app from Japan

Japanese startup MotionPortrait released cool iPhone app.

This is the app called "PhotoAvatar" that can compose face photo & creature images. It implement the function of motion reproduction & viewpoint movement. Furthermore, you can mail a friend your image which transformed creature.

Download here

Now, 67% OFF of a special sale during March!


Japanese Rock guitarist "Osama" comes back to SecondLife!

Japanese Rock guitarist "Osama" continues in last year and holds live in SecondLife SIM "GO GOing Ark" this year. ("Osama" means "King" in Japanese)
Osama is a musician that translates into Japanese the famous tune of classical Rock such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, Grand Funk Railroad and Kiss etc.... 

Last year article

Date: 21:00~ March 12, 2010
Place: http://slurl.com/secondlife/GO%20GOing%20Ark/138/103/22

It's collaboration live with Poken this year. And link Ustream and Twitter.

Most of the early information is here. Written in only Japanese, please use the translation site.

His appearance seems to be joke. But he is serious. And his play is so cool!


Japan's most popular virtual world began world development

Now, the most popular virtual world in Japan is "Ameba Pigg".  Ameba Pigg was the virtual world that started service latest in Japan, but overtook precedence service in no time. It becomes the core service of the company now (Though only one year yet passes from service).

Today, Ameba Pigg English ver. "Ameba Pico" released.


AmebaPico Facebook app ver.

Because it suggested "Pig", so "Pigg" became "Pico".

It has already had users more than 20,000 people.

The basic operation is the same as a Japanese version, but designs are different.


Ameba Pico may fly over a Galapagos island called "Japan".


Sekai camera brings back a "love letter alley"

Long long ago, when Japan lost WWII, There was a letter-writing to translate Japanese and English shop in Shibuya black market.
In those days (and now...), Japanese women were not good at English. And the U.S. soldier did not understand Japanese either. Therefore letter-writing shop started business to translate the love letter of the Japanese woman as an U.S. soldier. Thanks to this shop, after the war many international couples were born. And the neighborhood of this shop came to be called "love letter alley".

This place became fashion building "Shibuya 109" now. But AR app "Sekai camera" for iPhone brought back "love letter bystreet" in the present age.

Sekai Camera is a social augmented reality free app that enables users to communicate by attaching digital post-its to the real world.

Dawnload here

The user can contribute "Love message" with heart-shaped Air Tags through Sekai Camera to reality space. Along with this event, J-pop unit Sweet Vacation will be releasing their new song “Love Camera”.

Shibuya is full of heart now!





via Flickr

The heart are seen until March 15.