Reality or non-reality? That is not a problem in Japan

On March 9, "Hatsune Miku"'s live was held in Zepp Tokyo. But "Hatsune Miku" is not a human idol. She is singing synthesizer application software.

VOCALOID2 キャラクターボーカルシリーズ01 初音ミク HATSUNE MIKU
VOCALOID2 キャラクターボーカルシリーズ01 初音ミク HATSUNE MIKU

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She quickly became a big hit since released and the package art was popular, too. So, the copyright holder accepted the second creation of the user. Now, you can watch her in the various social media & contents.

This live is an experiment free her from a PC and to bring to the reality world. This experiment was done last year, but more spectators gathered this time (Surprisingly 2500 people!).

TV News

YAMAHA developed her voice, and SEGA made 3DCG.

SEGA 3DCG movie

Huge transparent screen of 2m×6m was fixed in the stage and her 3DCG was reflected by it. By the way, a band member is a real human being.

Looking photo, looks like she is really like there.

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These are the live video last year.

Foreigner comments "Jap is insane". It's true. But, is "sane" fun thing? Reality or non-reality is not an important problem in Japan. The most important problem is "fun or not fun".

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Thanks for this post. When life mix with imagination and fantasy, its a good thing for living!

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You're welcome! And thank you for comment!
I think that hold such a live using VirtualWorld Avatar.

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