Japan is over ~TIAF 2010~

March 26, I went to watch Tokyo international anime fair 2010.

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 001

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 002

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 006

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 005

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 003

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 004

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 023

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 027

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 026

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 031

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 030

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 025

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 024

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 028

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 034

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 033

This event also saw a gorgeous look. But exhibitor booth was definitely decreased. Exhibitor booth this year had more last year, had become smaller than last year.

On the other hand, exhibitors from abroad increased. The advance of the particularly Chinese company was remarkable.

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 029

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 032

The completeness of the animation comes close to Japan. There were some rip off works, but there were many originality works too.
Japan has been slowly declining like the Athens of ancient Greece.

By the way, they are the costume which was the cutest by this event.

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 036

20100327_tokyointernationalanimefair 035


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