Sekai camera brings back a "love letter alley"

Long long ago, when Japan lost WWII, There was a letter-writing to translate Japanese and English shop in Shibuya black market.
In those days (and now...), Japanese women were not good at English. And the U.S. soldier did not understand Japanese either. Therefore letter-writing shop started business to translate the love letter of the Japanese woman as an U.S. soldier. Thanks to this shop, after the war many international couples were born. And the neighborhood of this shop came to be called "love letter alley".

This place became fashion building "Shibuya 109" now. But AR app "Sekai camera" for iPhone brought back "love letter bystreet" in the present age.

Sekai Camera is a social augmented reality free app that enables users to communicate by attaching digital post-its to the real world.

Dawnload here

The user can contribute "Love message" with heart-shaped Air Tags through Sekai Camera to reality space. Along with this event, J-pop unit Sweet Vacation will be releasing their new song “Love Camera”.

Shibuya is full of heart now!





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The heart are seen until March 15.

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