Next Generation Fish Picture Book

It is the best season to play at the sea and river right now. You may go out to there with family or friends. What would you do if you saw fish that did not know names? Although Google image search is also good, but mobile application "fish" making use of AI is easier.

This app uses AI to analyze the photos of fish in your smartphone and tells their name, You can not know the names of the fish, but also their types, characteristic, and which recipe is suitable for them. If the fish were a dangerous kind with poison, that information is also displayed.
B.creation, who released this brought the fishing boat reservation site, they asked their users to cooperate, and gathered about 3 million fish photos and made a database. They added the tags of the fish kind to the each photos and let AI learn. They increased the accuracy of AI by letting one kind of fish learn various photos with different conditions such as brightness and angle. Now, the application corresponds to 80 kinds of fish. Application download is free(iOS/Android).


Speaker making a bathroom into a studio

Sing in the bathroom --- it may be experienced everyone. If you use bathCAPSULE, a bath speaker accessory, your bathroom will be studio and you will have more fun singing.
Gadget company BoCo sells the bone conduction speaker docodemoSPEAKER which radiates sound by vibrating places and things that placed it. They started selling bathCAPSULE, the bath accessory for docodemo SPEAKER for supporters only at the crowdfunding platform Makuake.

When you attach docodemoSPEAKER to bathtub with bathCAPSULE, the whole bath vibrates and becomes a speaker. According to the developers, it is particularly good for bass reproduction, and the sound of the acoustic wood bass that is difficult to play with ordinary speakers is wonderful. It is common to use at the edge of a bathtub, but when you sink it into a bathtub, you can feel the vibration of the sound throughout the body. Of course bathCAPSULE is waterproof and you can easily put docodemoSPEAKER in it.
The size of docodemoSPEAKER is 77 mm × 54 mm and weighs approximately 360 g, if you charge it for about 3 hours using a micro USB cable, it will run for about 7 hours continuous.
You can purchase a set of docodemoSPEAKER and bathCAPSULE at 20,700 yen ~ 42,851 yen. In addition, they have released color variations of Silver Black, Violet Blue, Royal Burgundy and Chrome Yellow.