"Real Steel" become "real"

Real Steel is exciting movie! It is a thrilled movie for robot geeks. Would the Japanese TV company obtain an idea in it? Nihon TV recruits the participants of the robot battle TVprogram "Real Robot Battle Nihonichi Ketteisen!(リアルロボットバトル日本一決定戦!)".

This is the TV program that robots of the life size fight in a tournament. Nihon TV says, "We appeal to children carrying the next generation that preciousness of searching technology, pleasure of the invention and Joy to grant a dream".

The rule size of the robot is 150*90*90(cm). The design is a humanoid type.

This is a very exciting project. There are already some of popular humanoid types robots in Japan. Especially, KURATAS became the topic.

However, KURATAS is too big. Size of Asimo is just right.

Japanese Style camera apps "Decola Komachi"

Do you look for camera application to substitute for Instagram? Then I recommend Decola komachi.

Decola Komachi is the application that can decorate a photos with Japanese taste frames, stamps and wall papers. It supports Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish as well as Japanese.

The usage does not change with other camera apps so much. At first, we trim a photo and coordinate contrast and brightness.

Next, we add frame. The kind of the frame are "Japanese-style", "Modern", "Ukiyoe" and "Funny".

Next, we put a filter. The filter is applied to only photo.

I did not use it, but this has the pen function.

Finally, we decorate photo by stamps. The kind of the stamps are "Japanese-style", "Japanese Stamp(Hanko)", "Message" and "Special".

We can change size and the angle of the stamps. By the way, a design sense is necessary for the placement of stamps:)

Completed! Did the stuffed toy become prettier?

And we can post the photo on Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, this has the collage function of photos. We locate 3 pieces of photos and can decorate these.

If you want to do different photo decorations, this is the most suitable camera apps.


Japanese New Year's card apps

"Nengajou(年賀状)" is a Japanese New Year's card. It's still the Japanese year-end and New Year important customs. However, it is very troublesome to make it. Many Nengajou design software was released until now. However, it is hard to use even it, especially elderly people.

Therefore many Nengajou design apps are popular this year in Japanese App Srote. These are apps ranked free ranking Top100 of the camera apps.

FUDEMAME was one of the popular New Year's card design software, but it became the smartphone apps this year.

OSHARE NENGA - The best New Year's card
This resembles photo collage apps.

Shashin de Nengajou 2013
This resembles photo decoration apps.

Rakuraku Nengajou
This resembles photoframe application. However, the feature is that New Year greetings are designed beforehand.

Nenga Pic Frame
This resembles photoframe application, too. However, text inputting is possible.

Digipri Nengajou
This has all the elements of camera apps such as the collage, decoration and frame.

New Year's card of the Fuji Color
This is official apps of a famous photo print company. we can order a print from apps.

Character Nengajou
We can use the frame of the character of popular Anime.

You would notice. These are developed in know-how of the camera apps. Camera apps simplified the design using the photos. Anyone can easily make a cool image using filter, frame, stamp and collage function. photoshop and illustrator are unnecessary:) These Nengajou design apps are optimized to postcard size. Furthermore, they have the design subject of traditional Nengajou. We can post the image which we designed to Facebook and Twitter even if we do not print it on a postcard. Camera apps gave a change in the form of Japanese customs.


Card battle is disgusting! What is the next Japanese social game?

Japanese social game industry overflows with a "card battle game" now. Dating sim, RPG, Comic, Anime, Console game etc...Every contents become the card battle social game. However, users begin to get tired of it. Therefore developers grope for the social game of a new style.

Gungho showed one of the answers for it. This is "Puzzle & Dragons".

Puzzle & Dragons brought a puzzle into J-style card battle. It bring a fresh game play, and it breaks through 5 million downloading in Japan.

However, it was copied by many developers because It was popular.

Therefore Kayac released the social game that took in pinball in new social game platform for smartphone Bushimo. It's "Bound monsters".

It may resemble Puzzle & Dragons at some points. However, the biggest charm is that the battle with monsters is pinball(or billiards?). Monsters attacks enemies with a ball. However, the ball has elasticity and bounces when it hit the wall. We must attack enemies while thinking about the rebounding of balls.

Furthermore, the placement of enemies is complicated whenever a level advances. Is this action game? puzzle game? or J-style card battle? It has those all charm.


Gangnam Style? No, it's "LINE Style"

NHN Japan's messaging application "LINE" is very popular. It's popular now in not only Japan but also East Asia, North America, Middle East and Spain. Therefore they perform various tie-ups abroad.

This is tie-up PV with Korean singer PSY. Dancing characters are so cute! The stamps of PSY are sold in the LINE stamp shop.

In addition, hip-hop group Far East Movement let LINE come up in PV.

And LINE train runs now in Taiwan.