Card battle is disgusting! What is the next Japanese social game?

Japanese social game industry overflows with a "card battle game" now. Dating sim, RPG, Comic, Anime, Console game etc...Every contents become the card battle social game. However, users begin to get tired of it. Therefore developers grope for the social game of a new style.

Gungho showed one of the answers for it. This is "Puzzle & Dragons".

Puzzle & Dragons brought a puzzle into J-style card battle. It bring a fresh game play, and it breaks through 5 million downloading in Japan.

However, it was copied by many developers because It was popular.

Therefore Kayac released the social game that took in pinball in new social game platform for smartphone Bushimo. It's "Bound monsters".

It may resemble Puzzle & Dragons at some points. However, the biggest charm is that the battle with monsters is pinball(or billiards?). Monsters attacks enemies with a ball. However, the ball has elasticity and bounces when it hit the wall. We must attack enemies while thinking about the rebounding of balls.

Furthermore, the placement of enemies is complicated whenever a level advances. Is this action game? puzzle game? or J-style card battle? It has those all charm.

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