"Real Steel" become "real"

Real Steel is exciting movie! It is a thrilled movie for robot geeks. Would the Japanese TV company obtain an idea in it? Nihon TV recruits the participants of the robot battle TVprogram "Real Robot Battle Nihonichi Ketteisen!(リアルロボットバトル日本一決定戦!)".

This is the TV program that robots of the life size fight in a tournament. Nihon TV says, "We appeal to children carrying the next generation that preciousness of searching technology, pleasure of the invention and Joy to grant a dream".

The rule size of the robot is 150*90*90(cm). The design is a humanoid type.

This is a very exciting project. There are already some of popular humanoid types robots in Japan. Especially, KURATAS became the topic.

However, KURATAS is too big. Size of Asimo is just right.

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