The new Doraemon movie uses two virtual worlds for promotion

The new movie of Doraemon "Doraemon: Nobita and the Haunts of Evil" is shown from the end of this week. Doraemon is a Japanese SF manga/anime series created by Fujiko. F. Fujio. Doraemon is the cat type robot which came over from 22nd century. He is a baby-sitter robot and helps primary schoolchild Nobita with various gadgets. The anime is broadcasted on every Friday, and the movies are shown every year. "Doraemon: Nobita and the Haunts of Evil" is 34th movie.

In late years the Doraemon movie does promotion in various Social Networking Service. Particularly, Cyber Agent's virtual world "Ameba Pigg" sold virtual goods of this every year. However, Doraemon changed to other virtual world this year. This is "LINE PLAY". This vividly expresses the present conditions of the Japanese Social Networking Service. Anyway, LINE is a king.

LINE PLAY shows an official avatar and room of Doraemon movie now. It expresses the world of the movie and is very cute.

In addition, two kinds of Gacha(Item vending machine) are established there, and fashion items and furniture items for avatars are sold. The kinds are very abundant, and LINE users can buy them for a free virtual currency. To be frank, this is more conscientious than Ameba Pigg until last year. In there, all Doraemon items were charged.

By the way, I already got two Doraemon items in LINE PLAY. Of course I do not charge it.

On the other hand, Cyber Agent is not with no measures. I write it about their new Doraemon promotion later.