Anonymous was personified as a bumbling girl by a Japanese

Probably, this is only Japan...

Anonymous attacks Japanese Government and JASRAC now. However, they worked as a blunderer first. They attacked not "Kasumigaseki" but "Kasumigaura" first. These are another town(Kasumigaseki is the town where there are a lot of government offices). Furthermore, they tried to attack not the Democratic Party but the Liberal Democratic Party. In current Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party is an opposition party, and the Democratic Party is the ruling party. Both are stupid groups in fact :D In addition, Anonymous announced that the attack to the Liberal Democratic Party was not a mistake later. Because Democratic Party agreed downloading was illegal.

Japanese Internet users made this a topic. And it became the opinion finally "Anonymous is lovely at a blunderer. This is the whole story of the Anonymous personification. By the way, is there the Japanese in a member of Anonymous?

Anonymous starts Tweet in the Japanese now.


Some their Japanese are funny. However, the Japanese Internet user receives it favorably.

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LINE begins evolution from the communication application

NHN Japan's communication application for smartphone "LINE" grows rapidly. More than 40 million people uses LINE from 230 countries now. NHN Japan released a Windows phone version on June 12, and it became the first place of free app ranking in Japan, Korea and Taiwan in three days.

One of the popular reasons of LINE is a "stamp function".
LINE users can attach a cute illustration to a message and a chat. NHN Japan made physical goods for the cause by this illustration.

These are sold as capsule Toy from the end of August.

Furthermore, according to TechCrunch Japan, NHN Japan makes LINE a game platform. NHN Japan's CEO Morikawa says  " we wants to cooperate with the third party developer". TechCrunch Japan reports that the details are shown on July 3.


This is Japanese taste "Bejeweled"

PopCap tied up with GREE and released Japanese version Bejeweled. Now, we can play it with a smartphone.


GREE added the theme of the pirate to Bejeweled and named it "Bejeweled Densetsu(Bejeweled Legend)". Users handle various quests as a pirate while playing puzzles.

There are innumerable such games in Japan. Repetition of a quest, quest, quest, and battle with enemy. The operation of such a game is only clicked(tapped) until now. However, it is replaced by a puzzle in Bejeweled Densetsu. GREE fused by Bejeweled and the social game of the conventional Japanese style.

Furthermore, they added the device that virtual goods were provided. However, it is not Gacha. It is a slot machine. A ticket is necessary to play a slot machine. We may get the ticket by a friend invitation. However, we purchase it for real money when we are necessary.


Zynga Japan released Japanese original social game apps for Smartphone

Says honestly, Zynga's social games are almost unpopular in Japan. Of course it is one of the reasons that mobile spreads in Japan. However, "artwork" is more important. The artwork of social games of Zynga looks cheesy to a Japanese. It is not cute and not cool. Japanese has many choices. There are social games of every theme in Japan and a lot of social games which are more fun than Zynga.
Therefore Zynga Japan develops a social game for Japanese markets originally. They released new game apps for Android recently. The name is "Ayakashi Onmyouroku(あやかし陰陽録)"

This is the card battle social game that featured the Japanese fantasy. Users becomes professional practitioner of the Japanese esoteric cosmology(Onmyoji) and collect cards of various Shikigami and handle a quest. Artwork and the game system are completely Japanese tastes. It is the second that they release a Japanese original social game for  smartphones.
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However, I think this is so-so. Card battle social games are full of Japan now. Latest Zynga Japan's card battle social games are good. But there is not the novelty. Now, card battle social games are full of Japan. Everybody collects digital cards :) but the Japanese will get tired of it someday. What will come next to Card battle social games? I think the issue of the next social game of Japan to be this.