Zynga Japan released Japanese original social game apps for Smartphone

Says honestly, Zynga's social games are almost unpopular in Japan. Of course it is one of the reasons that mobile spreads in Japan. However, "artwork" is more important. The artwork of social games of Zynga looks cheesy to a Japanese. It is not cute and not cool. Japanese has many choices. There are social games of every theme in Japan and a lot of social games which are more fun than Zynga.
Therefore Zynga Japan develops a social game for Japanese markets originally. They released new game apps for Android recently. The name is "Ayakashi Onmyouroku(あやかし陰陽録)"

This is the card battle social game that featured the Japanese fantasy. Users becomes professional practitioner of the Japanese esoteric cosmology(Onmyoji) and collect cards of various Shikigami and handle a quest. Artwork and the game system are completely Japanese tastes. It is the second that they release a Japanese original social game for  smartphones.
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However, I think this is so-so. Card battle social games are full of Japan now. Latest Zynga Japan's card battle social games are good. But there is not the novelty. Now, card battle social games are full of Japan. Everybody collects digital cards :) but the Japanese will get tired of it someday. What will come next to Card battle social games? I think the issue of the next social game of Japan to be this.

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