I began a new project

Now, I'm in Akita of the my birthplace. Because, my dad died of lung cancer last month. Dad was still 60 years old. Besides, my parents are farming families of the mom and pop operations. My family is in a poor state now.

However, all the current Japanese farmer are poor. Hard labor, low income and High tax. Last year, 5 people committed suicide due to economic distress in our village. And my neighborhood hanged itself and committed suicide this month, too.

It is just the WORST.

Honestly, I want to run away from here. And I want to run away from Japan. However, what will happen to my mom if I escape from here? Mom must manage the farm alone. Any other work? The current Japanese farm village does not have the work. Furthermore, will the workplace employing the 60-year-old woman who can do only agriculture exist? Mom becomes depressed and will commit suicide if I escape from here.

After all, I must be here.

Therefore I thought. What is the root of the problem? It is "Poverty". Poverty causes all problems. What should we do to escape from poverty? We must do something new. In a poverty state, maintenance of the status quo is not helpful.

Therefore, at first, I opened blog of our farm.


I chose Ameba blog. This is blog service of the biggest in Japan, and SEO is great, too. I write post in Japanese and English here.

In addition, I opened the Facebook page of our farm.


I send information of various agriculture in Japanese and English in these first of all.

Japanese agriculture is the most far-off occupation for IT and English. Most people cannot buy a smartphone and a tablet let alone a PC for poverty. And nobody has English. However, will the situation change if I try it in it intensively?  I want to make a bet with social media and global.

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