Utsuppo helps an early case of our depression

I wrote about Social Networking Service "U2plus" to help recovery from depression before.
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They released cool service again. It's "Utsuppo" ("Utsu" means depression in Japanese)

Japan is stressful country. Furthermore, there is still huge prejudice in mental health. Now, the cause of death that teens and twenties in Japan have most is suicide.

Utsuppo has possibility to change this situation.

The service is very simple. If our familiar people are symptom such as the depression, we can enter the name and email address of them with signs of depression.

Then the email reaches them by anonymity. Stress check survey and  information of the improvement method of the depression are written on email. They can know whether they really are depressed or not by answering survey.

This is the service which can help people freely. Because a feeling is easy the person who sends email than we ask directly "Are you depressed?".

Utsuppo was created by U2plus and Liverty helped them. Liverty is a project team organized by Japanese representative serial entrepreneur Kazuma Ieiri. Ieiri is investor of U2plus as well.

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