Complete Gacha cancellation rush

I write about the "Complete Gacha" disturbance of Japanese social game industry this week.

Japanese Government regulates the virtual goods system of Japanese social game
Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency regulates denies news
GREE and KLab announced the comment for the news of the "Complete Gacha" regulation
Seven Japanese major social game companies abolish Complete Gacha

There was new movement today, too. Today, Main social game developers announced the Complete Gacha cancellation all at once. Crooz, Bandai Namcogloops, Cave, A teamKONAMI, gumi, Voltage, etc, etc......

The contents of their release are about the same all.

  • All the Complete Gacha will be stopped by May 31 
  • New Complete Gacha will not be offered from now on
  • Complete Gacha stop does not affect achievements 
However, the people of the social game industry say in Twitter. "Although voluntary rule decision was discussed all together, the mass media broke the flow". The mass media, such as television and a newspaper, have reported Complete Gacha all at once. However, the most of the news contents are wrong. They do not understand what Complete Gacha is. On the contrary, they do not seem to understand a social game, RMT, the virtual economy either. By the way, Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency does not yet announce the official release.

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