GREE and KLab announced the comment for the news of the "Complete Gacha" regulation

I wrote it about the news that Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency might regulate "Complete Gacha".
Japanese Government regulates the virtual goods system of Japanese social game

However, Consumer Affairs Agency denied the news. And they do not yet announce the official release.
Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency regulates denies news

Meanwhile, GREE and KLab, one of the Japanese popular social game developers announced the comment for this news.

GREE CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka said, "We understand this matter. if Consumer Affairs Agency points it out about Complete Gacha, we listen to it earnestly and strive for improvement in use environment." "In the growth of the future social game, Complete Gacha is not absolutely necessary. There is not the influence to the basic of the business even if we abolished this. We provide another service and increase sales."
via http://www.4gamer.net/games/136/G013654/20120508068/

KLab announced the press release immediately on the next day of the news. They said, "We make efforts in the social element such as the team battle and develop a game. The social game regarded as a social problem makes efforts in the collection of cards. Therefore it different from our game. However, we do not depend on Complete Gacha, but introduce this into 12 games. If Consumer Affairs Agency regulates Complete Gacha, we will repair some game systems rather than will call off a game. We think that Complete Gacha regulation has good influence and bad influence. Bad influence is a decrease in temporary sales. However, we can prevent it if we introduce substituted system. We calculate the fall influence of sales is 5% or less. Good influence is that new users move to our game. The money which users can spend to virtual goods has a limit. If users play plural social games, there is a limit to usable money by each game. Some of social games of other companies strongly depend on Complete Gacha. If they disappear, users may move to our social game."
via http://v4.eir-parts.net/v4Contents/View.aspx?cat=tdnet&sid=969625(PDF)

KLab is very bullish.

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